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London Brass ‎– Clowning Around (CD, 1990, Teldec Classics)

London Brass ‎– Clowning Around (CD, 1990, Teldec Classics)

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London Brass's "Clowning Around" is a classic CD that features the group's virtuosic performances of works inspired by the playful and comedic world of clowns. Released in 1990 by Teldec Classics, this album is a perfect blend of musical excellence and lighthearted fun.

The album features compositions by a range of composers, including Dmitri Shostakovich, Maurice Ravel, and John Glenesk Mortimer, among others. The pieces on this album are all inspired by the art of clowning and showcase London Brass's incredible range and versatility.

The CD is perfect for those who enjoy classical music but also want to have some fun with it. The performances are masterful and showcase London Brass's incredible skill and musicianship, while the playful and comedic nature of the works keeps the mood light and enjoyable.

Whether you're a fan of classical music or simply looking for something fun and lighthearted to enjoy, "Clowning Around" by London Brass is the perfect CD for you. Order now and experience the joy and fun of the circus with the masterful performances of London Brass.

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