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Emmett Kelly Watch the Birdie Figurine Signature Collection 9862

Emmett Kelly Watch the Birdie Figurine Signature Collection 9862

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The Emmett Kelly "Watch the Birdie" figurine is a part of the Emmett Kelly Jr. Signature Collection by Flambro, and it is numbered 9862. The figurine features the famous clown, Emmett Kelly Jr., dressed in his signature tramp outfit with his hands in his pockets, as he looks up at a bird perched on his hat.

The figurine is made of hand-painted porcelain and measures approximately 7 inches tall. It is a limited edition figurine, and the base of the figurine is stamped with the Flambro logo, the name of the figurine, and the edition number.

This figurine is a great addition to any Emmett Kelly Jr. or clown collector's collection. The attention to detail in the sculpting and painting is remarkable, and the bird on the hat adds a touch of whimsy to the piece. The figurine is versatile and can be displayed in various settings, such as on a bookshelf, in a curio cabinet, or on a mantle. It's a unique and nostalgic piece of Americana that captures the essence of the famous clown and his love of humor and whimsy.

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